Welcome to my website, the main purposes of which are to:

Promote my unique range of skills and experience.  I have managed a diverse range of projects around the world using my idea delivery system, named Imhotep after the world’s greatest project manager. If it’s legal and requires vision and imagination, count me in. My blue-chip business training, combined with global experience, helps me harness the expertise of a wide range of stakeholders to establish clear aims, direct effective delivery and achieve realistic outcomes. The areas I love working in are communications, strategy and sustainability.

Support my writing projects.  In between major projects, I enjoy writing and playing around with ideas. I have completed the story of my journey to the world’s holy places, guided by a trail of sacred numbers. This is currently being reviewed by UK publishers. I have also written 366 interconnected short stories set in an imaginary village, infused by mysticism and sci-fi. These were completed – one story daily – through 2012 and are now undergoing development.

Showcase other creative pursuits. These include development of the Pyramyth, a model of world mythology, Endala, a digital/physical/spiritual theme park, and occasional artworks and events.

xmas 2012 pix 4 yogi 138

I hope you enjoy your visit. All thoughts and comments welcome. The picture is of my inspirational primary school headmaster, Mr Brazier, who gave me Treasure Island and Lost in the Barrens to fire my imagination. God bless him.

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  1. Hello Babar. Not much work being done here on beauty and truth. If there is no show, people will cease coming to the theatre.

    • Hey Bob! Salam from Sharm El Sheikh. After a year of writing daily stories, don’t you think I deserve a break during my wedding and honeymoon period? Enough nomadic misadventures! My focus now is getting a proper job and becoming a respectably married member of society. Fond regards, Babar

  2. Good afternoon Babar. That’s fair enough, and it takes one bookmark off the list of ones to be checked. I had forgotten that I could become a follower and receive an alert when there is action.
    I will be interested to hear about your proper job when you have it.
    Enjoy your new life and please pass on my regards to your better half.

  3. Linkedin says you have added a new skill – creativity. Seems to me you have had that skill for a long time.

  4. Judy Macdonald Says:

    Hello from Pemberton Babar. I Met you at your place up the valley a few years ago, and was hoping you could send me the contact info for the fellow who builds the 4’x8′ way.
    Congratulations on your wedding:)
    Kind thoughts & best wishes,

  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Babar

  6. Hi Babar
    I think it is time to remove those old comments

  7. Judy Macdonald Says:

    Happy New year Babar!

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