• Martin Dahinden – once owner of a string of leather fetish shops, he now recycles dreams into sculptures, and banana boxes into houses.
  • Anna Burles – the embodiment of English beauty, grace, style, wit, and charm, now available to paste on the walls of classy people worldwide.
  • Louise Dean– Louise studied sexual deviancy in Victorian England, practised it in South London, and now ravishes tough stoneware in her hot kiln.
  • Victor Michael – my friend’s big brother, who said I should feature him “or else”. The solution to all your housing needs for 2012 Olympics London.
  • Peter Talbot – in a world beset by people droning on about saving the environment, here are some ways to get them off your back.
  • Sarah Selecky – an award-winning short story writer and teacher with a revolutionary digital writing programme sure to fire the soul of every budding wordsmith.
  • Guru Garam Masala – has been serving bad advice and good curry since 2010. A mighty writer and artist collecting wisdom from the world.

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