My digital marketing tutor said you need a website to test the effectiveness of your campaigns. Then you can track your acquisitions, activations, retention, revenue and referral rates.

Hmm, I thought, that’s a good idea, but which website should I use? The existing one promoting my personal skills and writing projects, or that of my friend Louise, showcasing her sturdy pottery? What about the website of my banned persona, Guru Garam Masala, or that of eco-sculptor Martin Dahinden? Any of them could work, but none rang true.

Then inspiration came. Why not take the first step on the long road to manifesting a vision – that of creating a spiritual theme park. So with my good friends at Godaddy, Google, Unbounce, WordPress, Facebook, Bitly, Mailchimp and LinkedIn,  I took that step and created endala.org. It will be a place that is audible, digital and physical. A place to explore your body, mind and soul.

If you are intrigued please visit the experimental website.



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