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Earth, Moon and Sun Aligned

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Guru Baba had brought his assistant Sami into a field at dusk, saying that he must stay there all night, “learning lessons from the Man in the Moon.” When Sami asked why, Guru Baba got angry and said, “Because I said so! I know more than you!” Then he told him about Yoshitoshi, the Japanese artist who had made a series of woodblock prints called One Hundred Views of the Moon.

Guru Baba took Sami’s arm and said, “Let’s walk this way,” leading him towards a boggy area. Sami was about to suggest a different direction, but decided to hold his tongue.

Their feet began squelching. Sami was wearing boots but Guru Baba wore sandals and his feet became mud clumps. They reached a natural pond, partly covered with lilies, and stopped to inhale their lush aromas. Guru Baba gave a low laugh and pointed to a darker corner of the pond and said, “Look at the moon in the water.”

Maybe Guru Baba was on to something. Sami really should improve his observation.

It was barely dusk. The faint moon in a pale blue sky was even fainter in the water. It was barely visible. When he focussed upon it though, there it was, with the same strange play of light and dark across its face. It was subtle and hopeful, always changing but always whole. He realized that he didn’t really understand why the moon waxed and waned, or at least why it appeared to do so from earth.

“Do you feel drawn towards it?” asked Guru Baba. Sami half-nodded. “The earth and the moon are attracted to each other. It’s nothing strange, just the same power we experience everyday – gravity. But the earth doesn’t let the moon steal its possessions, so the moon just tugs a little at the water.”

“That’s what causes the tides, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is. The oceans’ waters rise and fall according to the moon’s position, with a  little help from her brother sun. The highest and lowest tides are when their pulls are combined, when earth, moon and sun are aligned. These alignments formed the basis of ancient calendars.”

Sami looked at the pond again but the moon was gone. He had to step forward to see it now; it moved more quickly than he’d realized. Guru Baba continued, “And it doesn’t just affect tides. It affects all water. That’s why it’s better to plant crops at certain times of the month, when moisture is nearer the surface.”

“Does water creates mirages?” said Sami.

Guru Baba said enigmatically, “Maybe it does.” He adjusted his robes at the back in an unseemly manner. “But most of all the moon affects us. Yes, it affects unbounded bodies of water like the earth’s oceans, but it also affects our smaller, bounded oceans. The moon affects our dreams and fertility. It alters our blood, organs and brains. That’s why I behave the way I do sometimes. I am being visited by the Man in the Moon.”

Sami was confused by the moon sometimes being masculine and sometimes feminine. Maybe that was a lesson in itself.



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Naomi and her uncle Bobby remained trapped in the drawing that they had created. They’d recently tried tattooing their bodies decoratively as a way to escape it – the thinking being that drawing on yourself within a drawing gave you more control. They had not been successful though, and their tattoos had eventually faded.

Bobby felt an area that still held promise was that of medical tattooing. Placing careful marks on the body allows you to align electronic instruments to perform precise procedures. It is more accurate than a surgeon.

Though human intuition is a wonderful thing, it mustn’t go against the principles of nature. There is a cosmic order based on numbers – on ones, twos, and threes; on pi, the golden section, and harmonic frequencies; on primes, doubles, and squares – which creates the structure of the world. By using medical alignment in reverse, maybe we can access this order and escape our physical limitations. We can free ourselves from spatial confinement.

Bobby spoke to an elder that he’d come to know, and whom he respected deeply. Guru Baba said, “You have tried many ways to escape the drawing, but they have not proved fruitful. There is a reason for this. You have tried to do too much. We know that as Ancestors you have created the mountains, valleys, forests, rivers and towns. We are grateful to you for creating this bountiful world. But that is also the problem. You have created so much that you have become lost in it yourselves. You must remove yourselves from its complexity. The way to do this is to focus on one thing only. The Masters call it Spatial Study. You must study the gap between your thoughts.”

“How do you do that?” said Bobby. “How do you see the gap between your thoughts?”

“That’s a very good question. I don’t know the answer. Only you know the answer for yourself.”

He’s infuriating sometimes, thought Bobby, but I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about. I must be patient. A further hour of confusing conversation led towards an answer. “You must create a cosmic dot. Tattoo a spot between your eyes and use it to focus your energies.” Guru Baba smiled and added, “With laser like precision.”

Sophie was rehearsing her presentation in her office. In an hour she must present her plan to the crisis team. Rising rivers in the Upper Valley had everyone worried that there would be a great flood.

Her phone rang and she fidgeted. This sent the beam from her red laser pointer astray, hitting the framed drawing on her wall.

She was amazed to see the form of a man appear in the drawing, and then tumble to the floor, followed by a girl. The optical amplification and high irradiance of her laser had energized their cosmic dots, creating spatial and temporal coherence, which via spectroscopic principles paralleling the techniques of bloodless surgery, had extracted Bobby and Naomi from the drawing.

She heard a disembodied chuckling. Then a voice with an Indian accent said, “Good shot.”