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Finger Pointing at the Moon

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Sami must have fallen asleep. When he awoke, his holy bossman Guru Baba was lying beside him, not breathing.

Oh my God! thought Sami. Why did I make that haiku about death? He’s an old man suffering with dementia. Maybe he’s had enough of living. Was he just waiting for someone’s permission to die? What have I done?

His gaze was filled with cherry blossom, scattered everywhere around.

Just then however, Guru Baba raised a hand. His arm rose stiffly and pointed to the last cherry blossom clinging to a tree. As he did so, its petals fluttered down.

His finger continued pointing beyond the non-existent blossom. Sami noticed that Guru Baba’s nails were neatly trimmed and shone silver. It seemed that he’d had a manicure, or maybe were they just catching the moonlight. Did Sami’s own nails look the same?

Guru Baba had powerful hands for a man in his – maybe eighties? Sami recalled when the sage had beaten everyone at arm wrestling at the “Measure your spiritual strength” booth on Arcadia Day. No one could believe the power of the old man.

“Why are you still watching my finger?” said Guru Baba. “Why aren’t you looking at what it’s pointing to?”

Sami was perplexed. “But the cherry blossom has fallen. It’s not pointing at anything now.”

“Not pointing at anything! Not pointing at anything!” Uh-oh, he’d got him mad now. “Not pointing at anything! What’s that big glowing ball in the sky? That satellite of earth moving at one kilometre per second, whose core is formed of iron, sulphur, and nickel, that has water frozen at its poles, whose gravity affects earthly tides and the water in our bodies and brains.”

Sami hadn’t noticed the full moon beyond the cherry tree. It had sat above the lake earlier, and had travelled during the night, but he hadn’t paid attention. Maybe he had fallen asleep.

Guru Baba continued. “The Roman goddess of the moon was Luna. She rode in a chariot yoked to oxen with crescent horns. Her followers were called lunatics. Have you become one of them?”

Sami was very respectful of Guru Baba. It was his honour to be the assistant of one of the world’s leading holy men. Sometimes, however, he’d had enough of his whims and ranting. He said, “Guru Baba, haven’t we watched the moon enough tonight?”

There was a change in the sage’s demeanour. He said, “The more you look at something, the more you will see.”

“Then why can’t I watch your finger? It would be fascinating for me.”

Guru Baba considered this quandary and said, “You can. Go ahead.”

As Sami watched the sage’s finger, it glowed and seemed to disappear. He followed its previous direction. One of the moon’s craters became suddenly prominent. It seemed an eyeball watching him back.


Circling Bodies

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Sami walked around Guru Baba, who himself walked around a tall fir tree. This was meant to illustrate the workings of our solar system – the fir was the sun, Guru Baba the earth, and Sami the moon whizzing around, showing its restless devotion.

As Guru Baba completed a quarter circuit of the fir, Sami lost his footing and collapsed at his feet. It was an embarrassing moment for both of them. Sami was on his knees to his holy bossman, who despite being a sage, disliked sycophantic behaviour. He saw himself as teacher of peers. They all taught him something too.

Guru Baba decided to make light of the situation and said, “You were meant to be the moon not a comet! This isn’t a Bruce Willis film.” Sami arose from the boggy ground, leaving a crater. “Okay, let’s stop now. Time for rest. Why don’t you lie down for a while?”

Sami said, “Guru Baba, I need to return home. Preferably to bed, but if not, then at least to change my clothes. Can I go now?”

A flash of anger crossed the sage’s face but then was gone. He said, “You can go if you wish to. However, if you do that you can never come back.”

Sami had heard such threats before, but they continued to surprise him. Did Guru Baba really mean it? Did he value his assistant’s devotion so lightly that a minor disagreement must result in termination?

This crazy old man was the wisest person he’d ever known. He was the grandfather he’d never had, maybe also the father he barely remembered.

It was a nasty threat. Should he comply yet again with his unreasonable request, or this time call his bluff? Sami decided enough was enough.

“Sorry, Guru Baba, I am cold, wet and tired. I’m going home.”

“Okay,” said Guru Baba. “Good night Sami. Thank you for your help this evening. I really enjoyed it.”

Sami began walking towards town but he didn’t seem to be making progress. Every step he took continued his circuit around Guru Baba. He became confused and angry, then bemused and began laughing. Something strange was going on here. He no longer felt cold and tired.

“What’s so funny?” said the sage.

“Maybe I will lie down for a while.”

Gazing up at the sky, Sami saw a black spot transit the moon. He rubbed his eyes, it must be dirt, but it was still there. He said, “What’s that, Guru Baba?”

“I was wondering when you’d see that. It’s another moon. Yes, yes, another moon. Can’t the moon have a moon too? Everything has something circling it. The centre of the galaxy has the sun, the sun has the earth, the earth has the moon, the moon has an asteroid, the asteroid has a rock, the rock has a grain, the grain is made of atoms, circled by electrons, and so on and so on!

“And I must circle you?”

Guru Baba acknowledged the question but didn’t answer directly. “The moon is in motion for a reason. It wants to maintain its relationship with earth. If it stayed still that relationship would end. Moving is loving, and loving is living. Now, Sami, you can get up and go home.”

Sami arose and smiled, till Guru Baba said, “Please change and come back soon. Remember I gave you the day off because tonight you’d be working.”


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“Let’s play a game,” said Guru Baba. “You stand still and I will walk around you.”

A request such as this was not strange to Sami. Working for his holy bossman, he had come to expect the unexpected. Like tonight, where he’d been “given the day off” but was expected to stay up all night “working”.

He said, “Okay Guru Baba, where shall I stand?” They were in the boggy part of a harvested hayfield outside Lucerne village. Some places would surely be better to stand than others.

“Stand wherever you like. It doesn’t matter to me.”

Sami wondered if this was a variation of a previous exercise where he and Shama were required to play flutes and Guru Baba walked around finding “sonic spots”? He said, “Okay, I’ll stay where I am. What next?”

Guru Baba said, “This next.” He began strolling at an even pace, circling ten metres about Sami. He was also spinning slowly as he walked, making about one revolution every quarter circuit. Sami asked why he was spinning. His response, facing away from Sami at the time, was “Technical reasons.”

After four circuits, Guru Baba said to Sami, “How do you feel?”

Sami had closed his eyes a while back; it was getting late and he was tired. “Quite bored. I’d rather be sitting or moving.”

“Good. Now it’s your turn. I will stand still and you walk around me.”

Sami followed Guru Baba’s example, and began walking at a steady pace. He said, “Do you want me to spin too – for technical reasons?”

“Yes, if you can manage it without getting dizzy, that would be good.”

After four circuits, he asked Sami, “How do you feel now?”

“At first I started getting dizzy, but then became peaceful, almost hypnotized. I think I could keep walking and spinning like that for hours.”

“Very good!” Guru Baba wiped mud off his sandals. “Now imagine that fir tree is the centre, and I will walk around it, and you walk around me. We will start slowly but then speed up. Ready?”

There was no point in complaining or rolling his eyes. Sami said, “Sure.”

Guru Baba walked at the same pace as before, but Sami needed to go much quicker. He could slow down when circling against Guru Baba’s direction, but had to hurry and retain co-ordination when turning with him.

Guru Baba said, “Now imagine that tree is the sun, and I am the earth, and you are the moon. Isn’t that an exciting place to be? Moving so fast around us? Whizzing about! In cosmic terms we are connected to the moon, and we subconsciously know how hard it’s working. It is maintaining the rhythms of tides and other waters of the world, both outside us and within us. Just the thought of that is exhausting. That’s why whenever we see the moon, we feel like sleeping.