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Deepest Desires

Posted in Lucerne Village, Mystical Experience, Unknown with tags , , , , , , , on June 26, 2012 by javedbabar

Guru Baba had retired as a holy man three years ago. He’d announced to the world that he would withdraw from active spiritual life, and live simply in “that lovely little village with the white mountain above it,” known as Lucerne.

In those three years, however, he had learnt that one can never really switch off from the spirit. Once you connect with the heart of life there’s no way to stop vital force pumping; you are forever part of the flow. Sure, you could have the spiritual equivalent of a cardiac arrest, but those at one with life rarely died in such a fashion. There were usually other factors involved such as mental illness, aggravated genetic conditions, or political intrigues.

For some time now, he’d felt strange energies at play in Lucerne. He couldn’t quite point his finger at them, but they tingled his palms. He had known this place was rich and holy – that’s why he’d come here. The black and white peaks at opposite ends of the valley, the silent red forests, the icecap to the west and desert to the east, the pale rivers, dark lakes, and mysterious ancient places, all came together powerfully. They held energetic lines converging, forming zones of pure potential.

Guru Baba’s young assistant, Sami, brought regular reports of mysterious happenings; “Strange goings-on” as he called them. There were scented bubbles at a natural spring, a Tea-Jay using ancient herbs and rituals to entrance vast crowds; a girl and her uncle lost in the realms of their own drawing; Botanical Gardens with evil-minded plants evolving; a seniors centre where lost lovers cast new souls; a dark harp whose vibrations brought down buildings; “light water” revealing heavenly constellations; healing machines that mixed patient’s intentions with technology; even reports of android spiders from Mars. The latter was probably a product of Sami’s imagination.

Such strange occurrences were usually seen only at temples or in the presence of prophets. Guru Baba didn’t mind saying though that he’d seen a few himself.

He phoned his office at the Transparent Temple – nickname for their community centre – and said “Sami, please bring the truck.”

“Why, Guru Baba? Should you not be resting today?”

“I wish to visit the natural spring you told me about.”

Guru Baba spent an hour there, its ginger-honey bubbles popping around him. He was infused with passion and reverence. Time and space dissolved…

He returned to the truck only when his deepest desires were fulfilled. Not those of being young again, or world peace, or for an end to hunger, or for all people to be equal and happy. Those were superficial. His truest desire was to be here now. What more could anyone want?